Can I buy a real new Coach handbag on Ebay?

Q. Can I buy a real new Coach handbag on Ebay?
A. Probably not. Why?
According to the Counterfeit Education from
Coach does not offer its products for sale through individuals, internet auctions, independent boutiques and other.
The ONLY authorized store that Coach offers its merchandise for sale are:
º Coach Stores
º Coach Factory Stores
º Authorized Department Stores (see store locator of
Click on Counterfeit Education to see examples of the websites that have sold counterfeit Coach products.
Ebay sellers, using words like a new or pre-owned Coach handbags, try to sell fake Coach handbags. May be only used handbags are the real Coach.
You can find many websites (wholesale) from China trying to sell counterfeit or replica of the Coach handbags ( Don't trust their 100% authentic product) .
Click Coach International to see Coach around the world.

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