How to download any Add-ons to IE8 without the errors

Q. How to download any Add-ons to IE8 without the errors?
A. That question is often for users who likes IE8 or IE7.
For example, Adobe Flash Player Plugin (Add-ons) suddenly failed to download ActivX control with
the error: Cannot read the memory or something like that.
The same Add-ons easily can install on any other web browsers (FireFox and more).
What happend with IE?
IE has many Add-ons installed with other 3rd party software providers like tool bars and many other usefull controls.
Solution is simple: go to IE8 Tools/Manage Add-ons/Show: Downloaded controls.
Make disable all controls (temporary). Install your new Add-ons (if the same error -
disable Show: Currently loaded add-ons or Show: Run without permission).
After installing go back to enable all disabled stuff. Done. I used this solution many times
with a success.

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