How to eat less to lose weight and not to be hungry

Q. How to eat less to lose weight and not to be hungry?

A. If you want to lose weight all programs on TV and books offer you to exercise
and eat less. You can see too many workouts and diets to lose weight.
But if you eat less or your workout is intensified you are hungry.
You will eat more for not to be hungry and your weight will be increased.

My experience will show you simple way to eat less and not to be hungry.
1. Our stomach and brain works together.
2. 20 -30 min needs for our brain to understand if we are full.
3. If you eat quickly you can put to your stomach more unneeded food before
your brain will understand if your stomach is full.
4. You have to eat slowly with some tips:
- Take one part (e.g. one berry) of your meal in your mouth and chew it
till your part of meal will be one mass without particles.
- Then swallow it and clean the mouth with your tongue.
- Then take another part of your meal and go to 4.
5. For 20 - 30 min you will eat less amount of food ( may be at least 2 times)
and your brain will understand: YOU are FULL.
Less Food(2 times) but you are not hungry. Some exercises and you will lose weight, believe me.

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