IE back button doesn't work properly with Google search. How can I fix it?

Q. IE11 back button doesn't work properly with Google search. How can I fix it?
A. If any attempts in IE11 Internet Options cannot help we have only one way to fix it.
      Install Google search tool bar and now back button will work properly (no double-click to go to Google search result).
     Old PCs with average speed cannot save cookies fast enough to store Google redirected search links.
     New faster PCs store these cookies and when you click back button you will go to redirected link but not back to Google search result.
     IE11 is very fast browser. Other browser have slightly less performance and skipped redirected cookies.
     Installation of the Google tool bar makes IE11 works differently. Now back button will work on any fastest PC.
     If you highlight any words on your webpage Google search bar will automatically copy its.
     If some websites still don't go back with Google search, download Firefox web browser and you will never get trouble with back button.
    My last research shows that we should abandon any IE version, especially for Windows 10, and make Google Chrome as a default browser. No more headache.
   I like to remove everything when I close Chrome. You can do it easy:
   Go to Settings/Show Advance Settings. You will see 2 buttons: 'Content settings...' and 'Clear browsing data'. For 'Content settings...' /Keep local data until you quit browser. For 'Clear browsing data' /check all boxes. Also you can create desktop shortcut (like IE): 'More tools'/Add to desktop...'

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