What is the good reference for self-defense?

Q. What is the good reference for self-defense?
A. The Law of Self Defense.
                                                 Book Description
The Law of Self Defense provides an in-depth and informative understanding of the five fundamental principles of self defense: Reasonableness, Innocence, Imminence, Avoidance, and Proportionality, as well as many non-core but important facets of self defense law, such as defense of others, defense of property, and imperfect self defense.
In addition, the book provides a deep insight into how the judicial system really works, the motivations that drive prosecutions of self defense cases against otherwise law-abiding people, and presents legally-sound self defense strategies to help you both stay alive and not be perceived as easy prey by an overly aggressive or politically-motivated prosecutor.
That’s a lot of value for the price of a box of ammo–and let’s face it, it’s not all that easy these days to even find a box of ammo! Get yourself some “legal body armor” today, with The Law of Self Defense. Get it now.

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