How can I spot the fake products (well-known brand)?

Q. How can I spot the fake products (well-known brand)?
1. Example:
If somebody bought from (China) Samsung 64GB microSD card,
and after 3.7GB all files become corrupted, your SD card is fake. You can see about that fake card.

Don't buy any electronic items from if they have well know brand name. With well-known brand name all items are fake:
SD cards have wrong volume or reading/writing speed.
SD card readers have very low transfer rate speed.
Headphones will be broken after 2-3 weeks.
Cellphones will have half of original functions.
Auto electronics will show wrong measurements.
And so on...

2. Example:
   If you use trusted websites (e.g. Amazon) to buy the same microSD card you will see the different prices for the same items on the same account. Why? Because somebody hacked  trusted websites account to sell fake items under the trusted  user account.

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