How to make money online: tips for beginners

Q. How can I make money online?
A. First create your own free blog. Blogger is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world. WordPress blog is slightly complicated but also is free.
Second insert into your blog Google AdSense or/and Amazon Ads:
1. Google AdSense.
Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their website's content pages and earn money. Read more...
Tip #1 Ads can work well in-between other stuff.
Tip #2 Put too much emphasis on AdSense and your site may be linked to less.
Tip #3 Even if you get huge traffic, the AdSense income from the site is more dependent on the site type and audience.
Tip #4 Image ads can be relevant and work for you, but they might also apall some visitors.
Tip #5 When it comes to context sensitive targeting, you can increase or lower the importance of certain parts of your page.
Tip #6 Use competing ad systems when AdSense doesn't seem to work for a site.
Tip #7 Consider using AdSense even when the page doesn't get any traffic yet.
Tip #8 Making money with AdSense takes time.

2. Amazon Associates Program
The Amazon Associates program was the first online affiliate program of its kind when it launched in 1996. Today it is among the largest and most successful online affiliate programs. If you are a Web site owner Amazon seller or Web developer you can join our affiliate program today to start earning money up to 15% in referral fees.
Amazon Associates Program: Amazon_Associates_Program.pdf
Tip #1 If you have a website or blog with at least 100 page loads/day, join the program! If you are already using Google AdSense, Amazon ads are a nice compliment.
We have found that pages that do poorly with AdSense often do well with Amazon.
Tip #2 Choose ads/products related to your content.
Tip #3 Use deep-linking. Product link boxes and banners on a sidebar can be ignored (ad blindness). Amazon’s new preview feature makes a simple text-link come alive.


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