How can I hide my public IP address for anonymous surfing?

Q. How can I hide my public IP address for anonymous surfing?
When you connect to the internet, your home computer is assigned a public IP address.
As you visit Web sites or internet servers, that public IP address is transmitted and recorded in log files kept on those servers.
To hide your IP address (surf web anonymously) you need to run an anonymous proxy server.
That server will assign different from yours public IP address.
For example, if you live in one country, your new IP address will be visible like you are in the other country.
I've found one free an anonymous proxy server program ProxyWay 5.0. The best way to download this program from (Softpedia guarantees that ProxyWay 5.0 is 100% clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors). Save the file and run, follow the prompt. Next click ProxyWay Auto Configuration button, follow the prompt. Done.
Note 1: first time search on Google will stoped with warning: We're sorry... To continue searching, please type the characters... It's OK because your new IP address is not from your country. Just type characters and next time everything will be OK. Yahoo search works without additional warnings.
Note 2: only use button proxy On/Off from main screen ProxyWay when your browser is closed to change your surfing mode. If you will exit ProxyWay program and your web browser cannot connect to the internet, just resart browser or computer. To enable again anonymous surfing (if you exited program) go to main screen of ProxyWay and click Proxy button to run auto configuration.
Note 3: ProxyWay program will run on start-up. To disable it go to msconfig-> Startup-> uncheck proxyway->Apply.
Note 4: Make sure every time when you restart your computer you need to click on Proxy button to run Auto Configuration and choose your browser for surfing.
You can check how it works. First, before installation the proxy server open . That website will show you on left top your IP address and country. Then install ProxyWay 5.0 and open again . You will see different IP address and country. It means you are in anonymouse mode. Open every time if you want to check your new IP address.
Your real (static) IP will be invisible but your location (visible IP) will be different every time when you'll make Auto Configuration.
To check your real (static) IP address go to (for WinXP) Start->Run-> type: cmd /k ipconfig
->OK. You will see your static IP address is different from visible on


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