How can I discover my browsing history?

Q. How can I discover my browsing history?
If you use Internet Explorer index.dat contains everything of your browsing history: websites, emails, cookies that you have ever visited.
If you'll delete all of your browsing history index.dat still will have it.
To view information from index.dat you need to download IndexdatViewer.exe from Run this file and you'll see your full browsing history.
If you want to delete all content in index.dat download and install Free Internet Window Washer
Install FIWWSetup.exe. Open IE, delete all browsing history, close IE. Run Free Internet Window Washer. Go to Wash Settings->Browsers->check IE index.dat files->OK. Click Wash Now. To make sure how it works run IndexdatViewer.exe again and you'll see nothing in browsing history list.
Note: I've checked everything on Windows XP and IE8. Works.

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