Can my dog watch TV?

Q. Can my dog watch TV?
A. For human eyes a frame rate of less than 16 frames per second caused the mind to see flashing images.
Video systems for human eyes such as TVs, computer monitors produce at 50 (Eurasia) or 60 (US & Japan) images per second (ips) depending on the national system used.
That's enough to watch TV or monitor without flickering.

Dog's eyes can see the images at rate of 70 to 80 frame per second.
It means for the dogs all TVs with refresh rate 60Hz produce unreal picture
especially if TV is CRT (old CRT TVs have 60 Hz interlaced lines, not progressive). New TVs with refresh rate 120Hz and better are more likely for our dogs.
Some newest TVs have 480Hz refresh rate.

So, if you like very much your pet buy TV with the highest refresh rate. May be your pet will watch TV with you on a sofa.

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