How to improve eyesight?

Q. How to improve eyesight?
A. You can find online many advices about eye exercises for improving eyesight.
But everybody is lazy to use these advices.
I use simple technique for improving my eyesight when I am reading a book or work with a computer.
It means more reading - better eyesight.
How? Idea is to close one eye and open another every 20 min or less. Then close another eye and open previous one.
Take any eyeglass frame without lens. Put in the frame (one window) the sheet of hard paper with the size as a lens. Done.
Now you have the eyeglass frame with one closed window like pirate with one eye.
Reading a book:
1. Wear your one closed window eyeglass frame.
2. Set distance between your eyes and the book for maximum visible distance you can read the text.
3. Read the text line by line with one open eye about 20 min or less if your eye is tired.
4. Close another eyeglass frame window with the same sheet of hard paper. It means you close another eye and open previous eye.
5. Continue reading 20 min, close-open another eyes and so on.
Moving one eye line by line you will train your muscle eyes for more strength and your eyesight will be everytime better and better.
Working with computer:
If your eyesight is enough to see computer monitor without your lenses use the same technique as reading book.
If you use existing eyeglasses try to close one eye with some small folded paper.
More reading is better seeing!

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